Tips to maximize on preschool wooden puzzles

Tips to maximize on preschool wooden puzzles

Preschool wooden puzzles are specially designed to help kids who are of school going age to adapt to an education life. They are used as a way of preparing them for the next life by introducing what they are likely to do in class in advance. The kids are introduced to various topics but measure depth. If correctly done, wood puzzles are supposed to be a seamless adaption into the new environment.

However, not every kid will enjoy the maximum benefits of solving preschool wooden puzzles. There are some few things that a parent get wrong while selecting the puzzle. But how can you ensure your kid is maximizing on preschool wooden puzzles. Here are the key tips that you need to consider:

Change Levels Gradually

The first that you must always take into account is the level that the kid is in. In most cases, you will get parents either buying puzzles that way too easy for the kid or too hard. Parents should always understand that puzzles are supposed to generate a gradual growth of brain power. Therefore, you must ensure that you are helping them grow gradually by introducing them to new levels. Start from the bottom and keep going up the complexity ladder. Don’t start from the center or just keep introducing any kind of puzzle you come around.

Introduce Feature That Kid Loves

Another area that some parents fail badly is introducing features that kids love. You need to understand your kid’s preference in various areas. That includes the color, images and other factors that may be crucial in generating interest in the kid. However, these features must be based on the age of the kid and the level that they are in. In particular, you need to ensure that you get the right color and the color that your kid loves. You must also get the right images on the pieces. Start with the shapes as you go up the ladder.

Change puzzles

For the level that kids are in, it is important to have a number of puzzles. You cannot expect the kid to keep solving one puzzle for weeks. They will definitely get bored and maybe lose interest playing the puzzle. To avoid that, make sure that you have several boards for the same level so that the child does not get bored doing the same thing over and over. That will also expand their thinking.

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