Tips to Getting Started with Jigsaw Puzzles

Tips to Getting Started with Jigsaw Puzzles

Solving puzzles great especially for kids during their development stage. The benefits are immense and more so for the development of critical skills such as motor skills, cognitive among others. However, these benefits can only be achieved if the kid is playing the puzzles correctly. The most important thing when it comes to playing puzzles is how to get started. This is the technique that unlocks the potential of the kid to be good in solving puzzles. But how does a kid get started properly? Here are tips on how to start with jigsaw puzzles correctly:

Start with Simple Puzzles

If the kid is in the first stages of learning how to solve puzzles, then you should start with simple puzzles. By simple, we mean a small number of pieces. It could be two, three six or twelve pieces depending on the age of the kid. You should also consider introducing them to images that they can identify with depending on their environment. For toddler jigsaw puzzles, you start with two or four puzzles and progress slowly after that. That will be simple enough to give them a good starting point.

Set a Good Work Area

The setting of the working area is a critical factor to consider. Make sure that you have a nice table from where the kid can play the jigsaw puzzle. The table should small to the size of the kid and should provide absolute comfort to the child. They should be able to reach all corners of the board with ease. Therefore, make sure that you’ve designed the table to the right measurement. If the work area can be adjustable, the better. It is also recommended that you get them a share and ensure that they are not bending or straining too much.

Sort Out Pieces

One of the greatest tips when it comes to solving jigsaw puzzles is sorting out colors. This is one of the tricks that can help the kid learn to solve puzzles real quick. Help them distinguish the role of colors as well as well what the images depict. The fact that levels of the jigsaw puzzle are usually an advancement of the previous one, the kid will be able to go up the ladder quick.

Pulling out the edge Pieces

The trick of starting from the edges of the board is very crucial. Teach the kid how to start assembling puzzles from the edges. That will make it easy from them to tackle even the most difficult puzzles in the level.

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