Activities that Enhances Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Activities that Enhances Child’s Fine Motor Skills

With regards to enhancing gross motor skills for your kid, things like strolling, hopping and running while on the little dynamo doesn’t need much supervision. However, introducing wooden peg puzzles for babies is another way of enhancing this important life skill. In any case, it’s similarly essential that children take a shot at their fine motor skills that include the small wrist, finger and thumb movements.

A physical therapist usually recommends activities such as stacking blocks that involves picking up materials and making an action. As a guardian you know that trying new things can add quantifiable benefits to your child fine motor skills development. Of course, a child might not be able to tackle everything right away, but by training them from simple steps, they will grasp and master what it entails for the next step.

So back off and let them attempt his hand with new undertakings, such as getting dressed and influencing breakfast. As a parent, you can also add some new flavor to your kid’s life. Here are some of the new activities you can employ to improve your kid’s fine motor skills:

Try wooden peg puzzles for babies

This activity enhances not only fine motor skills but also improves general cognitive skills for your child. Studies show kids normally develop their cognitive, emotional and social skills at their tender age. So subjecting your baby to solve these puzzles will add them quantifiable benefits. Wooden peg puzzles for babies normally come in various

Dumping out and filling up

Activities such as filling up containers and dumping out the contents play a significant role. It enables kids to move its body parts enabling them to enhance the fine motor skills.

Dressing and stripping

Putting your clothes on and also taking them is every kid’s obsession, which you’ve surely found if you’ve ever dressed your toddler in her Sunday best only to find him or her naked a few minutes later. This habit of taking off and putting them also improves the fine motor skills.

Drawing and writing

At some point between the ages of 12 months and year and a half, your little child will most likely endeavor to write by making random paper on paper. By allowing your kid to perform this, you also help them to develop the fine motor skills.

Stacking, hanging, and sorting

Painstakingly while adjusting one block over another, setting different colored rings on a shaft to stacking is every little child custom. Allowing them to perform these activities will also add them quantifiable benefits.

Jabbing and squeezing

Babies are sensualists regardless of anything else. They want to smell, taste, and contact. These allow them to develop vital skills.


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